by leaky soups

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released November 22, 2014

cullan bonilla: ukulele/guitar/vocals
kevin goldfinger: guitar
calvin thrall: guitar
pat quigley: bass
dustin sokol: drums/percussion

kat kat records (vinyl available in early 2015)
recorded and mixed by eric muth @ hazel house
album artwork by liz barr

big thanks to our incredibly supportive families, ruben polo, dan anderson, eric muth (and all inhabitants of hazel house), noah waite, liz barr, will colvin, jasmine an, ben johnson, mark walsh, nat brown, dan parshall, and everyone who helped us record gang vocals, as well as all the wonderful people in christopher walking, told slant, fun home, thanks (r.i.p.), the great dismal, sinai vessel, secret stuff, and be still, cody. we love you.



all rights reserved


leaky soups Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

cullan (them) + dustin (them) + pat (them) + kevin (him) + calvin (him) //// just some pals #livin life erect

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Track Name: vegan baboghlian
come on, come over, let’s talk it out
the words mean more coming straight from your mouth
and i liked it better when you couldn’t see my eyes
and i could fake like i was less of a mess than i was

come on, come over, let’s talk it out
feign honesty from the bedroom while i wait on the couch
you know, if we’re being honest, i’m not the best with honesty
but you are no better than me

come on, come over, let’s talk it out
come on, come over, we’ll work things out
and you lied, straight through your teeth
but you made it sound so sweet
Track Name: meshuggah slam dunk
it’s 1am
my phone is ringing again
you’re drunk and apologetic
yeah, me too, wish i could forget it

and i’m thinking about where you were earlier
i can picture you with her,
a girl you met a week before in the same house
while another watched you laughing too close to her mouth

remember on that january night
you were busy, you said just hold tight
you promised that you’d call when you got home
but then you got too drunk to speak over the phone
and i forgave you, i forgave you
and i forgave you for the next time too

so if i can’t this time, no one’s allowed to be surprised
if you beg and i won’t oblige, no one’s allowed to be surprised
i don’t miss you, without you i feel just fine
it hurts me as much as you all the time
and you’re not allowed to be surprised
Track Name: the plight of air bud (1986-1998)
right now you are probably
sitting by your window and slowly getting stoned
and falling asleep, not dreaming of anything
while i dream of the way
you kiss me soft and quiet
i’m in love with you if you feel like it

and once i dreamt you died
i jerked awake, it was the worst sleep of my life
in waking i saw your chest still rise
next to me, what a relief, i realized
what that tightness in my chest truly means
Track Name: i want 3(00) guitarists
i feel differently lately
the things i want to say aren’t always pushing for my teeth
and i’ve stopped thinking about things way too big for me
think in terms of people instead of whole galaxies

i’m trying to get better
at staying strong and staying still
i won’t look away, won’t look away
i’ll stay in one place
Track Name: “why do you look like a boy?”
i cut my hair each time something bad happens
ridding myself of your rough hands or a divorce announcement
but there’s none left to cut
and i’ve never felt so fucked

i can’t help not having the right words to say
or needing a break
or living 764 miles away
Track Name: uncle snoop’s pool party
you told me that lately you feel like drowning
and everything’s pushing you towards that same shade of black
and of course i was worried about you,
of course i’m worried about you
but what can i do, what can i say anymore

we can only remind you we love you so many times
before it starts to sound like nothing
but we’re trying, isn’t that something
you’re trying, isn’t that something

i’m sorry you feel like i can’t relate but i can
i may not have swallowed the pills but i held them in my hand
it doesn’t matter at all, it doesn’t matter at all

i’ll sleep in your room as many nights as you need
and we can talk, but if you can’t talk, we can sleep
and if you can’t sleep, we can lay awake
together, at least
Track Name: moonvase next weeks (who’s the f-boi now?)
i mean i guess i’m sorry
i don’t call you drunk anymore
i mean i guess i’m sorry
i don’t sing to you when you’re bored
and you’re wondering what’s changed
you’re wondering why it’s not the same

you’ll find someone new
i won’t fuck this up for you